Triangle Baptist Church, Message Titles

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* Communion is held the first Sunday of each month *

Upcoming Message:

Sunday February 23, 2020 Rev Wayne L Colton, Senior Pastor

Message: " The Reasons We Believe in the Christian Faith "

John 6: 66 - 69

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Enjoy one of our recent sermons:


January 05, 2020 "Renewing Our Commitment in 2020" Rev. John Reale. I Timothy 6:11-16


January 12, 2020 "What Happens on Judgment Day?" Romans 14:10-12


January 19, 2020  "Has Anyone Ever Seen God?" Exodus 33:15-23  


January 26, 2020  "New Every Morning" Lamentations 3:22-23


February 02, 2020  "Traits, Characteristics and Qualifications of the Savior" Luke 5:32


February 09, 2020  "Satan" Ezek. 28:12-19