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Loving God, serving as Christ's disciples, loving people, and spreading the gospel of Jesus in our community and throughout the world.

Triangle Baptist Church is a Christ-centered Church where God is at work in the hearts and lives of His people. We have an inspiring pastor through whom God works to speak to us, delivering Biblically sound teaching, thought-provoking insight into the Scriptures, and prayer through the Holy Spirit. We are bold in proclaiming our faith in the Bible, the Holy Trinity, and the importance of baptism and communion, and we embrace all who are interesting in learning more about it. We welcome anyone to stop by our church home, even if only for one day, and we hope to make your acquaintance soon.

Vision Statement: Sharing the truth of God's Word in order to transform lives in our community, our nation and our world by being faithful and obedient followers of Christ. Triangle is a vibrant, Holy Spirit filled church where:

1. Every individual can develop meaningful relationships with fellow believers and can connect to Jesus who is the source of strength, joy, peace, and happiness. From cradle to grave, each individual is encouraged and provided resources (external and internal) to continue growing in their spiritual development. They receive prayer, support and encouragement.

2. Parents can bring young children to learn the stories of Jesus and God and how much they are loved. The children are taught through word and music by caring, loving, energetic teachers.

3. Teenagers can discover who God created them to be and build confidence in their ability to fulfill God’s plan for their life. They learn:

  A. To go to God in good times and bad

  B.That God never leaves them

  C. That they are OK and to rely on Jesus for guidance and acceptance

  D. Life can be fun and exciting while living for Jesus

4. As young and middle-aged adults develop their independence, career, life path and direction, interpersonal relationships, and daily activities, they are encouraged to do so keeping Jesus number one in all aspects. A place where:

  A. They can continue to gain spiritual maturity

  B. The senior adults serve as mentors

  C. Godly marriages can flourish

  D. They discover God’s plan for their lives

5. Senior adults can discover hidden talents that can be used to serve the Lord. They prayerfully serve as mentors and are shining examples for teenagers, and young/middle aged adults. As they face the challenges of the later stages of life, through meaningful relationships, they can find comfort, hope, and peace.

6. The latest technology is used to meet the needs.

7. Members are inspired to share with others that God sent His only son Jesus to die on the Cross for them so that they can have the joy of eternal life with God. Those coming to Triangle are excited about serving the Lord and look forward to worshipping and being together again.


Triangle Baptist Church

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